“Expanding the amount of cashew processing that takes place in Africa will result in higher incomes and more jobs, particularly for women.”
Focal Person Private Sector Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry Ghana

On-going Activities

ComCashew and its partners continuously provide advice on technology management, food safety, business development services and access to finance to improve the competitiveness of African cashew processors on the international market. As a result of such interventions, 16 processors meet AFI, Fairtrade, ACA Seal and/or organic standards, which make them reliable partners for international sourcing companies such as Intersnack, Red River Foods and Kraft-Heinz. Since 2009, 38,354 jobs have been created in processing of which 80% were targeted at women.

The cashew processing sector in Africa has grown considerably over the last decade. Installed processing capacities in ComCashew project countries have increased to about 344,550 MT as of October 2018. Increasing access to technological innovations in cashew processing machineries resulted in greater efficiencies, the adherence to international quality and food safety standards as well as higher profits for ComCashew assisted processing units.

Access to finance remains a large factor of success for African cashew processors. Hence, ComCashew advises processors in writing business plans and preparing their financial and legal documents to enhance their chances of receiving loans from financial institutions.

There is a huge potential for cashew by-products processing, especially for cashew apples which can be processed into a variety of products including juice, wine as well as savory dishes and bakery products. Cashew apple processing provides an additional source of income to cashew farmers and processors. In this respect ComCashew through a Trilateration Cooperation agreement between Ghana, Germany and Brazil is seeking to increase cashew apple and by-product processing in Ghana.

ComCashew has also analysed the potentials of other by-products such as Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) processing and directly supported two companies in the extraction of CNSL.