Matching Grant Fund

Are you working in the Cashew sector? Are you from the private sector, with high interest in climate resilience, competitiveness and direct supply linkage with off takers for sustainability?

Do you have a solution that makes the cashew sector less fragmented, more inclusive (for women and youth), sustainable and profitable?

Do you have innovative ideas for the use of cashews and their by-products?

Then this is a unique opportunity for you to realize your goal.

Matching Grant Fund is a private-public partnership model designed to propel the cashew industry forward. It can also be described as a financing and partnership tool used to support innovative ideas/ projects in the sector that are in line with our indicators and are scalable.

One of the outputs for the Business Support Facility for Resilient Agricultural Value Chains is Matching Grant Fund (MGF) and the indicators are as follows:

2.1 Competitive matching grant scheme designed and validated with relevant partners, OACPS, EU and BMZ

2.2 Bankable multi-stakeholder MGF-projects are selected with relevant partners for support

2.3 Additional resources from applicant consortia mobilized for climate resilient projects

2.4 Multi-stakeholders MGF projects are implemented in line with MGF award criteria

In the past, ComCashew had launched 7 calls with 51 Cashew Matching Grants Funds rolled out in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Mozambique. Under this new project Business Support Facility for Resilient Agricultural Value Chains, MOVE-ComCashew aims to have 25 Cashew Matching Grant Fund projects in the 79 OACPS Member States.


What we offer

The Business Support Facility for Resilient Agricultural Value Chains MOVE-ComCashew provides support to actors in Cashew to foster and improve supply chain linkages among others.

The two-year tailor-made Cashew Matching Grant Fund project is aimed at supporting private sector cashew businesses in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to mobilize resources, create ownership and build resilient agricultural Value Chains.

MOVE-ComCashew's financial contribution for each Matching Grant Fund project will be up to € 125 000 for the entire duration of the project if one project is proposed with beneficiaries in one country. Where beneficiaries are in multiple countries, more funding can be provided as the contribution of GIZ (see more details in the guideline for applications). For all Matching Grant projects, the contribution of GIZ would be a maximum of 40% of the total budget. The 40% value would not exceed the 125 000 or increased value for strategic alliances.

Competitive “Matching Grant Fund” (MGF) mechanism

1. Readiness Programme & Call for Concept Notes

Online-based introduction and support during the application stage starting with the call for concept notes.

2. Final submission of Call for Concept Notes

The deadline for submission of your concept note

3. Assessment of Concept Notes

Evaluation of concept notes received and approval of Board. The received concept notes are evaluated by an independent evaluation committee with recommendations. The results of the evaluation are presented to the MGF board for approval.

4. Full proposal development & in-depth Readiness Programme

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to develop a full technical proposal and budget. This will be closely supported by the MOVE team.

5. Proposal evaluation and decision

The final proposals will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee and a decision on who is granted the funds is taken by the Board.

6. Contracting

Contracts will be prepared by GIZ using tried-and-tested partnership agreement formats.

7. Implementation

Now the implementation of your project can start. This entails reporting to MOVE as well as supervision and support from MOVE

Who can apply

To be eligible for the Business Support Facility for Resilient Agricultural Value Chains MOVE-ComCashew Matching Grant Fund, you must meet the following conditions:

First, the Matching Grant Fund for cashews is open to only Private sector businesses who apply as a consortium. For more information, please check the eligibility criteria on ComCashew and partners' websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions during the Cashew Matching Grand Fund (MGF) process


After Launch of Call & Concept Note Phase


I have more than 10 cooperative cashew farmers who are interested in this mutual fund and I am the lead contact person who is organizing them to apply. Kindly send me the link that is needed for me to partake.

Please visit our website for more information on guidelines for application. I have attached the presentation used for respective webinars which you can

I was not able to participate in the past application of the Matching Grand Fund. Can I still apply now? Kindly send me details on how to apply.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your application now since the call for applications ended on July 24,2023.  We would keep you informed when we have future calls.


Development of full proposals phase


Regarding banking information, is the consortium expected to submit one account or separate accounts for each consortium partner?

The bank details of the lead consortium partner is what we request for.

There is mentioned in the Guidelines on Costs Eligible for Reimbursement in Implementation Agreements, that the Business Support Facility for Resilient Agricultural Value Chains could provide us with the lump-sum GIZ standard rates for the respective coun

Use your internal rates

Do the equipment contributions provided by the various consortium members remain their own property at the end of the project? And is it only the equipment funded by GIZ that needs to be returned at the end of the project?

To ensure that the assets and equipment provided by consortium members remain their property at the end of the contract, it would be necessary to:

  1. Only contribute to depreciation and not the overall acquisition cost.
  2. Use the exclusive equipment solely for the co-financed activity. If it is used for other purposes within the company, the proportion of usage attributable to the co-financed project must be estimated. For example, if the machine is used 50% for the co-financed project and 50% for the company's needs, and the company wishes to retain the asset at the end, only 50% of the depreciation will be counted as the consortium's contribution to the project.
For each budget line, should we adhere to the 60% contribution by consortium members and 40% GIZ rule, or is it more important to adhere to the rule for the total budget (60% contribution and 40% GIZ grant)?

In any case, GIZ contributes 40% to all budget lines. The assets that will be handed over to the partner are those whose acquisition costs will be covered by the project and not the depreciation. It's the final percentage (final contribution rate) that matters.

Could you please clarify the budget line "Audit"? Is it related to the project audit or the "audit of the fair-trade organic certification" in the sector?

The term "audit" here refers to the project audit.

Our legal team has reviewed the MoU template you have shared and made some additions. Is it OK if we add some text as you can see in the track changes document?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to alter the GIZ template as you have done. As this agreement is for you and the consortium, you may want to sign a separate document (with these clauses) internally based on consent of all consortium partners but not on the GIZ template.

We would like to request a 48-hour waiver on the deadline for submission of full proposal files, signed memoranda of understanding and other budget documents (originally scheduled for this 13/09/2023). We kindly ask for permission to send all these docume

We are unable to accommodate your request due to the anticipated start date of the evaluation. The evaluation of full proposals would begin on September 15th, and we plan to send all proposals received to the evaluators prior to this date for review.

Service Providers: In the MGF Full Proposal Template information about service providers are required. My questions are: Should I do the vetting now? Shall I mention all of them and do vetting later? Can they be changed later? Can you provide more classif

Realistically, you cannot tell who will win a tender at this stage, so it is advisable to be open. You must put NN or the profile you are looking for but not the name and put the amount involved under budget line ‘other costs.

Budget: In my project I wish to include development of web apps / websites. Is it acceptable ?


I wanted to kindly confirm that the deadline for full proposal submission is 13th Sep 2023, or it's to be 11th Sep 2023 as indicated on the website.

The deadline for submission of full proposal is 13th September.

I would like to have information concerning the bank account which will have to be used for the project (to receive the fund from the GIZ in the event of a positive response to the Grant). Do we need to create an account specifically for the project or ma

Both options (either a new account or sub account) are feasible and could be considered.

Budget: What does it mean on the cell of further GIZ contributions to the measure, I ask because putting a figure here is the only one being picked to the percentage contribution of GIZ. Without that the GIZ column is inactive when inputting the other fig

All the yellow boxes are those you can modify; the white ones are calculated automatically. We have a risk and cost sharing ratio of 40% (GIZ) and 60% (partner). So, when you set this percentage, cost-sharing is automatic.

What is my Contract Number and Program Number as requested in the excel spreadsheet?

Skip those numbers since you can only have them after the contract is prepared.


After Launch of Call & Concept Note Phase


The trainings from the GIZ are free of charge for those whose application is successful, right?

That is right. Only successful applicants that GIZ enters a contract with after full proposal stage, will receive these trainings.

Could you tell me what costs I should calculate for these trainings: Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Farmers Business School (FBS), Gender Make Business Sense (GmBS), GIZ Financial reporting

GIZ financial training on reporting would only be offered once your application is selected after full proposal stage and contract prepared. There is no need to put the cost of that training in your budget. All other training courses you have listed depend on you based on your context or activity and scale. You must determine the cost involved based on the numbers you are considering and other factors.

I have searched through your website, but I couldn't find where I can apply for the matching Grant.

On the website, please scroll down to ‘how to apply’. A link will lead you to where to download the documents required for the application.

Could Tanzania also become a part in this initiative?

The Matching Grant Fund for cashew is open to only Private sector businesses (including farmer groups) within the 79 ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) countries who apply as a consortium. Kindly visit our website for more information on guidelines for application.

We are experts in first-mile traceability and with experience in the cashew value chain. Are we eligible for this program ?

Kindly visit our website for more information on guidelines for application.

We are experts in first-mile traceability and with experience in the cashew value chain. Are we eligible for this program ?

Kindly visit our website for more information on guidelines for application.

We are already in the works to secure the lease on a land for the farm and factory. The plan is to buy the matured nuts for processing while ours mature, are we eligible to apply and how do we go about it?

Kindly visit our website for more information on guidelines for application.

I would like to apply for the matching grant fund and would like to fill all documents on “Downloads” on your website ( But unfortunately, I can’t download your “Price Schedule” as an .xlsm. An

Note that for the concept note stage, you are only expected to submit a concept note and Letter of intent signed by Consortium (refer to slide 16 on attached), I have attached the templates which are available on the website

Please send me the contact for sending the letter of intent.

Submit your concept note and letter of intent to You would find the appropriate templates for both on our website


Is it mandatory for a consortium partner to be registered with Registrar General in Accra?

For the lead applicant, his company must be legally registered with the right authorities (that is Registrar General) in the country, in this case Ghana.

Can a consortium partner apply with a business name registered at the district level?

Yes, a consortium partner can apply with a business name registered at the district level.

Could you please give me the visual support and the links for any information for submitting?

Find attached presentations, and also visit our website for more information on guidelines for application and respective templates to use.

I would like to know whether projects at the idea stage can be eligible for this fund and whether it is necessary to be already established as a company to qualify for this fund.

The Fund is open only to private sector companies (including farmers' groups) in the 79 ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific).

  • Applying as a consortium.

Please visit our website for more information on the application guidelines.


We would like to know how to apply for the call for projects.

Visit for more information on the application guidelines. You are invited to participate in the last webinar today at 9 pm (GMT) in English (see link on the website).

We are looking for funding to start the project and would like to see if MGF can be a partner in this project. If yes, how can we proceed ?

The Matching grant fund doesn’t cover setting up of factories as per your request. Visit our website for more detailed information on guidelines for application and how to apply.

On slide 17 it says that the application must cover training for primary producers. I suppose the definition of primary producers is cashew farming/picking households but not workers at a cashew processing facility?

Yes, that is the intention to have farmers involved in every project, except for those targeting innovation. So, we meant that every project should have at least one technical training topic and one entrepreneurial training. The rest are optional, and it does not exclude you from choosing to work with cashew processing.

Are application forms only in English, and are the Concept notes written in English or French?

The application forms are in both languages, and the concept note can be written either in English or French. Refer to Once you have clicked on download on the left, you will find all the templates.

Could the MGF extend some level of assistance to me in the form of, further training, education, programs and funding to be able to take my cashew farming project to the next level please?

Read the guidelines on applications on our website for more information on what the fund covers.

The section on PROJECT INTERVENTION MEASURES, can you explain further? Does this section require from us the creation of a training program according to the thematic areas listed as it applies to our proposed project?

Intervention areas mean that your project to be implemented should mandatorily address/factor one topic from technical and another from Entrepreneurial. The other topics are just optional.

That means any activity or project you are working on must consider any of 2 mandatory topics. Attached is the presentation used for webinars - you will find details on the respective mandatory topics. All the webinar videos are also on our website to guide you.

Annual turnover at least twice the amount of the contract” -> Does this mean the turnover of the lead applicant or the total consortium? And can it also be based on the revenue of 2023?

Lead applicant’s turnover must be 2 times what GIZ is contributing. in your case, you could consider another applicant within the consortium as lead if they meet this requirement.

What other trainings besides “Financial reporting, Gender Transformative approaches, Key performance indicators” are offered by GIZ? E.g., Business Administration, Management, Organic farming, sustainable farming?

Any Training that would help you implement the activities and close the contract successfully, especially if you are new with GIZ processes, tailor made trainings that would guide you in implementation is what we offer. E.g., on reporting.

I am interested in the project and would like more information.

Visit our website for more information (including appropriate templates) and feel free to email us if you have any questions.

I am writing to you to find out whether as a specialized company we can apply alone or whether we must necessarily associate with another structure.

You are expected to apply as a consortium and not as an individual entity.

I want to know if we can apply through our project for which we are looking for partners?

Yes, if it’s a private company, they can apply with others as a consortium.

I would like to ask if I can have your contact for technical matters in the development of the project.

Send your questions to Further information on the technical content can also be found on our website.

Will the copies of supporting documents indicated in the guidelines to applicants such as certificate of registration, procurement manual etc. be attached when submitting the concept note?

For the concept note stage, you are required to submit only your concept note and letter of intent (please refer to website for appropriate templates).

Please, I would like to know if a lead applicant can apply with three other consortium partners, making them four in number per application. Or should it be a maximum of three partners per application?

There is no limitation about the number of consortium partners.

We are a local company in Sierra Leone to hold the accounts but would like to eventually become a local NGO in the future. Are we eligible to apply?

The MGF is not allowed for NGO’s.

Can I apply for Two Concepts for two locations?

Yes, you can do so if the beneficiary countries are within the 79 ACP countries. You could also merge the two proposals and make it one. Please refer to examples 2 and 3 under consortium (in attached)

Is a processing company with a turnover of > EUR 1M eligible for the matching grant?

Once the lead applicant’s turnover is at least 2 times GIZ’s contribution to the project, it can apply (considering all other eligibility criteria)

Can only two private sector organizations apply as a consortium i.e. the Lead Applicant and 1 partner?

Yes 2 private businesses can apply as a consortium if they meet all other criteria.

How much money should I calculate for the 4 trainings so that I know how much our overall budget is? How much should I realistically include in my project calculation for the total project costs?

The 4 trainings will only be offered to those who are successful after the full proposal stage. Those ones come at no cost.

  • GIZ Financial reporting
  • Gender Transformative approaches
  • Key performance indicators
  • Other topics based on demand.

What is necessary for you at this current stage (concept note stage), is to focus on the intervention areas where you have some mandatory topics (technical and entrepreneurial) to cover.

Refer to slide 17 and 18 in attached. Mandatory topics/ areas have been clearly listed and you need 1 each from both categories. If after selecting these mandatory topics you still want to choose from the other topics, you are allowed to do so.

We do not know your context, activity, and scale, so we cannot give you the cost. You must determine the cost involved based on what you intend to do, numbers you are considering and other factors. Also please remember that GIZ contribution to your entire project is up to a maximum of 40% of total budget.


Development of full proposals phase


Could you give us a clear distinction between "service provider" and "external experts"?

The service provider is not officially a member of the consortium. The service provider only performs a task and is paid. An external expert can be considered a service provider.

Is there a time limit for a project? If yes, what is the time limit?

2 years maximum

What are GIZ’s standard subsistence/daily allowances and accommodation costs in Burkina?

Use your rates with supporting evidence.

The "price list" file must be completed in addition to the budget in the complete form?

Yes, the budget in the full proposal template is only a summary of the total project budget, while the price schedule is a detailed project budget that includes each cost along with the quantity, unit price and frequency.

What would be the disbursement conditions for the project? Having anticipated higher expenses initially, it is important to take this factor into account for the organization of consortium members.

For 2 years, we will get 4 disbursements.

Could you provide us with some advice as per examples of challenge and solution as to know which format to put in and how best to present.

You are to identify a challenge in the frame of your project and propose a solution you intend to accomplish through the project.

Can you kindly share the GIZ MOVE GTA modules with us so that we can look into them and how we can integrate them into our proposal. Also, can we ask GIZ to do ToT on GIZ MOVE GTA to the trainers and can we include the budget on top of the 100.000 EUR, o

You can plan the ToT on GTA in your proposal without budget and GIZ MOVE will organize it for your staff separately. Kindly find attached information on the GTA training approach used by GIZ, Gender makes Business Sense plus (GmBS+).

Can we add the audit company, as a second service provider? Or it is not necessary? What would be your recommendation ?

Audit costs are added as "Other costs”. (Budget line 3.4.6) and you may not need to put the audit company as service provider.

How shall we fill the budget excel? Do you have another version of the excel where we can open in our computers?

The version attached can now be opened by Microsoft 365 (which is the version currently used at GIZ and the latest version of Microsoft Office). Try again with the attached file. If it still doesn't work, please share the error message with us so that we can ask our IT department to help.

Is there a limit of how many farmers can join the technical and entrepreneurial training of GIZ?

No, it depends on the activity and budget you are working with.

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