Our Work


ComCashew together with its partners believe the best way to achieve a truly sustainable reduction of poverty in Africa is to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives on their own. Hence, ComCashew is focussed on laying the foundation for the development of a sustainable cashew sector, with emphasis on farmer training to improve productivity, and on establishing a stable local processing capacity. After building this basis, ComCashew started its third phase with an age pass concept by consolidating what it achieved in the first and second phase and to strengthen and build independent, long-term structures on national levels.

This is reflected in a focus on capacity development of permanent actors and on the knowledge management and transfer to other actors and donors. Additionally, the effort shifts towards strengthening relationships along the cashew value chain and throughout the sector. Through the Cashew Matching Fund, different actors along the value chain work in closer cooperation and build strong relationships. ComCashew intends to build and maintain a spirit of long-term partnerships between its alliances and the countries in which we operate. ComCashew's partners acknowledge sustainable business and responsible corporate growth complements and supports a country's efforts to better the livelihoods of its citizens, especially smallholder farmers, through a thriving agriculture and agribusiness sector.


It is ComCashew's mission to avoid everything that could lead to or support child labor. ComCashew condemns child labor fiercely by following the conventions on child labor of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

ComCashew is working gender-sensitively in all activities, and actively promotes women and youth to benefit from a gender-balanced development.