Policy Advice and South-South Cooperation

Strengthening Policy Advice and enhancing South-South exchange in the Cashew Sector, policy dialogues based on evidence, best practices and lessons learned will be conducted and this will shape decisions at political level.

MOVE-ComCashew works closely with its partners to develop and implement effective and stakeholder-driven policies. Through the promotion of private-public dialogue, supporting sector organization, and facilitating South-South cooperation, the programme supports the cashew sector with problem analysis and identification of sustainable solutions.

What has MOVE-ComCashew achieved so far?

MOVE-ComCashew has provided diverse forms of support, particularly on the technical and organisational levels to the cashew sector in Africa. These include:

Assistance with the set-up and development of regulatory structures, policy, and strategic plans for cashew sector regulatory bodies in the subregion – Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone, etc.

Support to diverse sector organisation activities in Africa.

Organisation of dialogue and various high level engagement sessions on cashew industry improvement topics on the continent

Extensive support to set-up and operationalisation of various consultative, knowledge enhancement and dissemination platforms to improve upon the competitiveness of the cashew sector and aid inclusive decision making for the sector in Africa. Some of these platforms include the:

Consultative International Cashew Council (CICC)

An international cashew organisation which brings together Ministers of agriculture, trade, and industry in cashew-producing and consuming countries as well as high-level representatives of agencies that regulate the cashew value chain in their respective countries. This facilitates dialogue and strategic decision making concerning the sector.

Development Partner Working Group (DPWG)

A platform that was formed to increase of development partner cooperation to consolidate support, create synergies in the execution of activities, avoid duplication of efforts along the chain, and reduce overconcentration on one part of the value chain to the detriment of others. provide a forum for reliable and frequent updates on support provided to CICC Development Partner (DP) activity in the value chain is one of the group's key focus areas. It also aims to foster knowledge sharing and facilitate networking on the international, regional, and national levels through the CICC.

Cashew Scientific Research Network (CIESA/ REDAA)

A network of research scientists and other cashew subject experts to share findings and proffer solutions to factors affecting the production and productivity of cashew in Africa.

Support with the set-up and operationalisation of the CasheWomen Network, which brings female cashew sector actors together to network, learn, access business opportunities, and collectively contribute their opinions to wider sector-related discussions and decision making.

Support with research and publication of studies on salient topics to aid informed decision making by policymakers.

assistance to the African Cashew Alliance (ACA), the cashew industry’s business association in its advocacy efforts, sector capacity building activities, expert pool formation and engagement, as well as promotion and co-organisation of the annual ACA Conference, among others.

MOVE-ComCashew continues to offer policy advisory support on various levels to all intervention country.

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